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alpanabawa is all about the love of color. When Alpana was a young girl in India, the riot of colors and patterns all around her formed her aesthetic: instinctive and celebratory, cool tones bumping up against hot ones, blocks of bright hues — pink, yellow, turquoise, orange — melding in harmony.

Alpana was born in New Delhi and moved to New York in 1983 to study design. She opened her store in Manhattan in 1989 and since then has kept a foot in both cities, designing in New York while regularly flying back to New Delhi to supervise her workshop and soak up new inspiration from the spectacle of India.

Alpana produces clothing for women and for men as well as items for the home. Every garment and household item she designs is hand-assembled and embroidered by skilled artisans in her New Delhi workshop. She also designs and imports colorful accessories from India.

Alpana is a strong supporter of ethical work standards, of production methods that are sensitive to the environment, and of women in all aspects of the clothing industry.
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